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Protecting Your Assets Across Applications, Services and Tiers
Protecting Your Assets Across Applications, Services and Tiers

Cloud-based cybersecurity solutions increasingly are becoming the best option for securing websites while simultaneously speeding up web page load times for your customers. In addition, cloud-based edge solutions like CloudFlare also block threats through website application firewalls, DNS services and DDoS protection, all of which are handled with minimal overhead.


The rise of Software Defined Networks (SDN) necessitates a migration from traditional edge appliances to agile, intelligent cloud-based edge networks like CloudFlare. CloudFlare provides intelligent routing, load balancing, WAN optimization, and security services, delivering benefits for any packet, protocol and IT payload.

In this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • How the store and computer layer, application layer and network edge layer are transitioning from hardware to cloud solutions;
  • How adopting the cloudified edge creates a nimble web infrastructure, as well as faster, more secure web properties;
  • Case studies and real-world examples about diverse businesses who have leveraged CloudFlare to run scalable web infrastructures at a fraction of prior capital expenditures.

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