Post-Fraud Investigation: Effective, Efficient, Defensible
Post-Fraud Investigation: Effective, Efficient, Defensible

Fraud Summit Video Series - New York 2013 - To keep pace with evolving cyberthreats, organizations must ensure they are prepared to respond effectively, efficiently and defensibly when they detect fraudulent activity.

Among the questions answered in this session:

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  • What are the new techniques in data breach response?
  • Why is outside counsel increasingly engaged in investigations, and what is a legally-defensible response to a cyber fraud incident?
  • How must you conduct a cost-effective and efficient investigation, and what are the risks of narrowly scoping a forensic investigation?


The Fraud Summit was a one-day event focused exclusively on the top fraud trends impacting organizations and the mitigation strategies to overcome those challenges.

Attendees heard from top experts in the industry on topics ranging from account takeover and mobile banking to the insider threat and the latest insights from ISMG's annual Faces of Fraud survey.

The entire Fraud Summit 2013 video series:

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