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The Perfect Storm: Managing Identity & Access in the Cloud
The Perfect Storm: Managing Identity & Access in the Cloud

As the enterprise expands its information systems into the cloud, issues around identity and access become readily apparent. Particularly with employee-owned mobile devices increasingly accessing critical applications and enterprise data in the cloud, new IAM models must be explored.

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Join a panel of industry experts as they explore the new cloud dynamic and its impact on IAM. Among the topics to be explored:

  • Trends complicating secure cloud use;
  • Challenges to IAM in the cloud;
  • New approaches, including effective policy enforcement and the benefits of single sign-on.


When it comes to Cloud Computing, the security discussion typically revolves around the integrity of the cloud itself, as well the security of the data stored in the cloud.

But what about Identity and Access Management? What are the key issues surrounding the people, processes and systems used to manage access to applications and data in the cloud - particularly now, in an increasingly mobile world? Every organization today is challenged to deal with their users' growing armies of smartphones, laptops and tablets, as well as the identity verification and access issues that come with them.

The Cloud Security Alliance, the not-for-profit organization dedicated to best-practices in the cloud, recently released new IAM guidance. Kevin Fielder, co-chair of the committee that crafted that guidance, will lead this discussion, focusing on topics such as:

  • Unique IAM considerations in the cloud;
  • Risks of unauthorized access, identity theft and insider fraud;
  • Cloud features and functionality to improve IAM.

Fielder will be joined by thought-leaders from security vendors Ping Identity and Aveksa, who will weigh in on how new cloud security solutions can help organizations improve IAM, as well as compliance, provisioning and policy management.

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