Optimizing and Safeguarding Your Data Network
Optimizing and Safeguarding Your Data Network

How can you know exactly who is on your network, for how long and what they are doing?

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In today's rapidly-evolving threat landscape, organizations of all sizes must be prepared to analyze traffic through each node of a data network. With flow-based protocols and analytics, network administrators can optimize, troubleshoot and safeguard their networks from poor performance, intrusions and abuse.

Register for this session to learn:

  • About flow-based protocols and why they are in every data network;
  • How to analyze flow-based protocols for clues about the performance and security of data networks;
  • Latest easy-to-use analytics tool to help you optimize and safeguard your network.


Computer networking is an integral focal point of virtually every business. Unfortunately, the ability to understand and identify the traffic flowing across the network has been somewhat of a puzzle.

With this as a backdrop, organizations are also facing budget and costs constraints, and are under increasing pressure to optimize capital investment and minimize costs, including monthly Internet service costs. At the same time, non-business-related web traffic, such as social media, is increasing exponentially, draining bandwidth and productivity.

So how, faced with these challenges, can organizations ensure they are optimizing and safeguarding their critical networks?

In too many organizations today, IT is constrained by outdated monitoring and reporting tools that provide limited visibility into ports and protocols, yet lack insight into application traffic flow across the firewalls, routers and switches on the network.

In addition, traditional firewalls do not always adequately stop threats originating from infected hosts inside the network. Value-Added Resellers carry the added burdens of demonstrating service value to customers, while controlling their own costs and the amount of time spent managing individual customer accounts.

In this session, Wilson Lee of Dell SonicWALL will discuss these challenges and how organizations are countering them with flow-based protocols and analytics.

Specifically, Wilson will profile the technology attributes and business benefits of Dell SonicWALL Scrutinizer, a multi-vendor, flow-based application traffic analytics, visualization and reporting tool designed to measure and troubleshoot real-time and historical network performance, while increasing productivity for enterprises and service providers.

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