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Identity Theft: How the Name Game Has Changed
Identity Theft: How the Name Game Has Changed

Our identities are clearly becoming more and more of a critical asset every day, providing us access to and authority within every aspect of our personal, financial and professional lives. Because of this, their value is increasing exponentially, thus making their theft far more lucrative. In this opening session we'll discuss this growing threat from such perspectives as:

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  • Which are the most common types of identity fraud and how are they perpetrated?
  • What are the financial and personal consequences of identity theft and what is involved in recovering your identity?
  • Do employees realize the full-scope of any potential liabilities that could arise if their identity was compromised and are employers able to articulate these issues, highlighting how their identity are at risk?
  • How do we help prevent identity theft and what is the value of an identity protection service like LifeLock?


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