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Global Fraud: The Status of EMV Migration and Secure Payment Systems
Global Fraud: The Status of EMV Migration and Secure Payment Systems

Retail point-of-sale breaches are growing every day, creating giant payment card fraud challenges for banking institutions and retail operations. These incidents impact institutions of all sizes but more than 90% of successful data breaches target smaller businesses. A key weapon in the fighting fraud toolkit is the latest chip technology aimed at bringing greater security to card payments. According to a Visa survey of eight financial institutions, representing approximately 50% of the total U.S. payment card volume, 63% of credit and debit payment cards will contain EMV chips by the end of this year, expanding to 98% by the end of 2017. However, many merchants are still unfamiliar with chip technology. In this insightful session packed with real world examples, you will learn the latest on the status of the EMV migration both globally and domestically. Also in this session, we will learn of the latest trends in shoring up remote access security and payment systems in general.

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