Fraud Summit Agenda: 2013 Faces of Fraud
Fraud Summit Agenda: 2013 Faces of Fraud

Fraud Summit Video Series - New York 2013 - From the growth of mobile malware to the refinement of sophisticated banking Trojans and the proliferation of point-of-sale and retail breaches, the fraud landscape continues to evolve for banking institutions globally.

But so, too, do the anti-fraud technology solutions institutions use to detect, prevent and analyze the impact of myriad fraud schemes.

How are organizations addressing fraud and cyberthreats? Receive insights from BankInfoSecurity's latest "Faces of Fraud" survey, as well as expert analysis of:

  • Today's most predominant and damaging fraud incidents impacting banking institutions and their customers;
  • New anti-fraud investments institutions are making to thwart the fraudsters and satisfy the demands of regulatory agencies.


The Fraud Summit was a one-day event focused exclusively on the top fraud trends impacting organizations and the mitigation strategies to overcome those challenges.

Attendees heard from top experts in the industry on topics ranging from account takeover and mobile banking to the insider threat and the latest insights from ISMG's annual Faces of Fraud survey.

The entire Fraud Summit 2013 video series:

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