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Forensic Files: Inside a Mock Breach Investigation
Forensic Files: Inside a Mock Breach Investigation

The FBI calls and notifies you of a payment card breach, and every compromised card is linked to a transaction with your organization. Quickly: Who stole the data? How did they get access?

Register for this session to participate in a mock payment card breach investigation using Quest Software's IT Security Search. Join Quest (formerly Dell Software) security experts as they show you how to crack the mysteries of your Microsoft Environment:

  • Reduce security risks;
  • Maintain policy compliance and
  • adhere to regulations with solutions that assess, audit, alert, remediate and help organizations manage their Microsoft environments.


Security leaders know what they need. But they also recognize the cold truth: Organizations lack the visibility, forensic analysis, and preventive controls needed to meet compliance and internal security policies and compliance regulations. And if not properly managed, misuse of sensitive data, failed audits or security breaches can occur. So, what happens when a breach does occur? What are the immediate steps to take to determine who stole the data and how they accessed it?

Participate in this mock breach investigation and see:

  • The processes and tools necessary for such an inquiry;
  • How to analyze the results;
  • What to do with the results to complete the investigation and plug any open security holes.

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