2014 Faces of Fraud
2014 Faces of Fraud

Fraud Summit - Chicago 2014 - As the Target and Neiman Marcus incidents prove: Retail point-of-sale breaches are on the rise, creating greater payment card fraud headaches for banking institutions. How does the impact of these crimes compare to that of account takeover, check fraud, insider crimes and the emerging realms of virtual and mobile payments?

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Receive an overview from BankInfoSecurity's latest "Faces of Fraud" survey, as well as expert analysis of:

  • Today's most predominant and damaging fraud incidents impacting banking institutions and their customers;
  • New anti-fraud investments institutions are making to thwart the fraudsters and satisfy the demands of regulatory agencies.


Following the recent slew of retail breaches at Target, Sally Beauty and other establishments, banking/security leaders are tired of taking the consumers' blame - and they want to see changes in how merchants conduct and process secure payments. This is the resonant message of the 2014 Faces of Fraud Survey, subtitled The Impact of Retail Breaches.

Some key findings to be discussed in this panel:

  • 70% of respondents say they were impacted by the Target breach;
  • 48% believe the breached merchants ultimately should be held responsible for the compromises.

In this session, Tom Field of Information Security Media Group presents highlights from 2014 Faces of Fraud survey. He then leads a diverse and expert panel to analyze these results and provide advice for how best to put the survey findings to work.

Among the other topics to be discussed:

  • 2014 Faces of Fraud - What are the primary types of fraud against banking institutions, and where are the biggest security gaps?
  • Deeper Dive - How have specific forms such as account takeover and insider fraud advanced in the past year?
  • 2015 Fraud Agenda - Where will institutions make their biggest anti-fraud investments in the year ahead?

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