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2014 Faces of Fraud Survey Presentation - Special Canadian Edition
2014 Faces of Fraud Survey Presentation - Special Canadian Edition

We'll start the 2014 Fraud Summit Toronto with a detailed review of BankInfoSecurity's latest "Faces of Fraud" survey, focused on the Canadian market. Receive insights and expert analysis on such topics as:

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  • How are the areas of retail, payment card, in person, insider and mobile fraud evolving?
  • Which aspects of the new Canadian legislation are most impactful in fighting fraud?
  • Today's most predominant and damaging fraud incidents impacting banking institutions and their customers;
  • New anti-fraud investments institutions are making to thwart the fraudsters and satisfy the demands of regulatory agencies.

Additional Summit Insight:
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ISMG commissioned a 2014 Faces of Fraud Survey: Canadian Edition specifically for the Toronto Fraud Summit. The results of the study are revealed for the first time during this panel session. Initial findings reveal:

  • Insider threats were the leading type of fraud experienced by Canadian organizations in the past year;
  • But organizations indicate that they are best prepared to detect and prevent insider attacks;
  • And that fraud is detected most often at the point of transaction.

Tom Field leads a diverse and expert panel of speakers as they benchmark how Canadian organizations will address fraud and cyber-threats in 2015. Key questions answered include:

  • What are the primary types of fraud against Canadian banking institutions, and where are the biggest security gaps?
  • Is the Criminal Code of Canada still effective against emerging types of fraud?
  • 2015 Fraud Agenda - Where will institutions make their biggest anti-fraud investments in the year ahead?

This session was recorded during the 2014 Fraud Summit Toronto. Additional recordings include:

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