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Leveraging DMARC to Fight Phishing

Joshua Schleicher of Easy Solutions on Applying the Standard
Leveraging DMARC to Fight Phishing

Taking full advantage of the DMARC standard can help mitigate the risk of phishing campaigns, says Joshua Schleicher of Easy Solutions.

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"There's an inherent lack of security around email," he says. "So we encourage users to identify ways that they can properly authenticate their email. ... DMARC is a really good example of an emerging technology that allows organizations to properly authenticate their email."

In an interview with Information Security Media Group at the Fraud Summit Chicago, Schleicher describes:

  • Why phishing is so difficult to detect;
  • How the DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) standard provides robust reporting to help identify spoofing of domains and other risks;
  • How new technologies can help leverage DMARC reports in the effort to fight phishing.

Schleicher is the regional anti-fraud solutions consultant for North America at Easy Solutions. In this capacity, he works with clients to identify appropriate solutions and deployment scenarios for their environment and customers. He has worked in various capacities in data security operations, architecture and sales during the past 10 years.

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