Improving Internal Authentication BYOD, Weak Password Controls Pose Employee Verification Risks
Authenticating appropriate network administrators and employees has become increasingly challenging, especially for healthcare organizations and regional banking institutions, says Tim Ager of Celestix.

Bring-your-own-device policies and the re-use of network administrator passwords has only compounded the problem, and highlighted just how loose the security practices and policies remain at too many businesses and institution, he says.

During this interview, Ager discusses:

  • Steps organizations are taking to better control remote devices used by employees to connect to corporate networks;
  • How tokenless two-factor authentication can reduce cost and complexity;
  • Why the healthcare industry faces more challenges than other industries.
  • Ager is CEO of Celestix, a provider of two-factor authentication, secure remote access and perimeter security, enabling organizations to enforce strong security controls for user and data centric security.

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