How to Define and Enforce Privacy

Michelle Dennedy, McAfee; Trevor Hughes, IAPP
How to Define and Enforce Privacy

Where do organizations fail when defining privacy, and how can they best leverage technology to ensure privacy protection? Michelle Dennedy of McAfee and Trevor Hughes of the IAPP share perspectives.

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Regulatory guidance and emerging technologies increasingly put security and privacy professionals at odds over how to define and enforce privacy for their own organizations.

In an exclusive video interview, Dennedy and Hughes discuss:

  • The increasing complexity of privacy, and why today's technology tools are no longer sufficient;
  • How to bridge organizational gaps to define and enforce privacy protections;
  • The security technologies necessary to ensure privacy in an evolving threat landscape.

Dennedy currently serves as the chief privacy officer at McAfee, an Intel Company. She is responsible for creating a privacy practice that's focused on quality and excellence in McAfee's policies, products, procedures and governance efforts. Before coming to McAfee, Dennedy was the vice president for security and privacy solutions at Oracle. Before the Oracle acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Dennedy was chief data governance officer within the cloud computing division at Sun.

Hughes is an attorney specializing in e-commerce, privacy and technology law. In his role as executive director of the IAPP, he leads the world's largest association of privacy professionals. He has testified before the U.S. Congress Commerce Committee, the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the EU Parliament on issues of privacy and data protection, spam prevention and privacy-sensitive technologies.

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