Faces of Fraud: Survey Analysis
Faces of Fraud: Survey Analysis Payment cards, bogus checks and phishing/vishing incidents - these are the top forms of fraud experienced by banking institutions, according to the newly-released results of the Faces of Fraud survey conducted by Information Security Media Group.

But what are the emerging fraud trends? And how should banking/security leaders respond to the survey results and improve their efforts to prevent and detect fraud across all banking channels?

In an exclusive panel discussion accompanying the Faces of Fraud: Survey Results Webinar, Mike Urban of FICO and Matthew Speare of M&T Bank sat down with ISMG Editorial Director Tom Field to analyze the survey results and offer fraud-fighting advice to financial institutions. This is a transcript of that panel discussion, touching upon:

  • Analysis of the survey results;
  • Tips for improved cross-channel fraud detection and prevention;
  • Insights on technologies and techniques to help fight fraud.
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