Getting Your Take on Cloud Computing Security

Survey Seeks Views of Those Responsible for Cloud Security
Getting Your Take on Cloud Computing Security

Cloud computing gives the jitters to those charged with protecting their organization's IT systems and data. After all, vital data flow through the Internet to servers that often are beyond the control of an enterprise's IT security organization. And, to gauge that concern, Information Security Media Group has just fielded Cloud Computing Security Survey 2012.

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The survey will examine not only cloud security concerns, but how security leaders address these concerns through policy, technology and improved vendor management. Survey takers will be from all sectors and from around the globe and include IT, IT security and business managers and professionals involved in their organization's cloud computing efforts.

This web-based research study, crafted with assistance from leading experts in cloud computing, security and privacy, covers:

  • Top Security Concerns: Are organizations more anxious about where their data are stored or whether a malicious insider might be a threat to it?
  • Success Factors: On a scale with cost savings and availability of services, how does security now rank among elements critical to a successful cloud computing implementation?
  • Protective Measures: What are some of the practices organizations are employing, from instituting more stringent contracts to enforcing third-party audits and participating in mock security exercises with cloud service providers?

The survey also covers cloud computing trends by industry and region, how senior leaders make their cloud decisions and top cloud-service investments projected for the coming year.

If you're involved in your organization's cloud computing initiative, please take the survey by clicking here.

Results will be posted on ISMG websites - BankInfoSecurity, CUInfoSecurity, GovInfoSecurity, HealthcareInfoSecurity, CareersInfoSecurity, InfoRiskToday and DataBreachToday - with a detailed analysis provided to those taking the survey.

The findings also will be presented at the RSA Conference in San Francisco in a session entitled How to Launch a Secure Cloud Initiative, which features NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Chief Technology Officer Tom Soderstrom and ISMG Executive Editor Eric Chabrow. That session will be held 10:40 a.m. PST on Wednesday, Feb. 29.

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