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Boosting Mobile Banking Security

Kaspersky Lab's Klimek on Preventing Fraud in a Changing Threat Landscape

As banking customers migrate to mobile channels, criminals are developing inventive new ways to commit fraud, says Peter Klimek of Kaspersky Lab.

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For example, hackers have created new malware techniques that hijack mobile devices through root and jailbreak exploits, he says in a video interview at Information Security Media Group's recent 2015 Fraud Summit New York.

Klimek addresses the changing threat landscape, the rise of device-centric malware and ways enterprises and individuals can improve cybersecurity. He also discusses:

  • Why using multiple forms of breach detection and response is essential;
  • How forced patching and automatic updates can help ensure individuals and organizations stay safe from cyber threats; and
  • Why many Internet of Things devices are at risk of being hijacked because of a lack of security protocols.

As a security expert with the fraud prevention division at Kaspersky Lab, Klimek helps organizations understand the mobile threat landscape. Before joining Kaspersky Lab, he was responsible for architecting the application security program for Transunion, one of the largest brokers of consumer financial data.

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