Andreas Baumhof

Andreas Baumhof

Chief Technology Officer, ThreatMetrix

Baumhof is an internationally renowned cybersecurity thought-leader and expert with deep experience in the encryption, PKI, malware and phishing markets. Baumhof and his ThreatMetrix Labs team have been examining and reverse-engineering banking malware for over six years, giving a unique insight into the evolution of the malware landscape. They don't just see the malware itself, but also the resulting transactions, providing excellent insight into stopping cybercriminals. His commentary has appeared in numerous publications.

Real World Applications of Big Data Analytics - Social Network Analysis and Post Breach Fraud Detection

Presented by Andreas Baumhof , Dan McKenzie , Jason Paguandas , Patrick Vowles  •  September 10, 2014

Big Data Analytics & Fraud Detection

Presented by Andreas Baumhof , Allison Miller , Russell Thomas  •  April 28, 2014